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Fotogeschenke, 3D Fotos by Starlaser

Photo Gifts

Photo gift has been a trend for quite a while now, with the evolution of the traditional film to digital media it has become one of the most popular gift idea for any kind of occasion.  Personalized photo gifts have benefited from technology and are now considered to be the forerunners in the Photo industry. 

Not so long time ago, photograph’s only place is either in a photo album or in a picture frame.  But because of the advance technology your favorite photo can be a digital photo coffee mug, t-shirt and even personalized puzzle. 

A photo gift is truly a wonderful present to receive regardless of the occasion.  You can expect a smile on the person’s face when he/she receives a personalized photo gift, called "Fotogeschenk" in German.  There are so many varieties of designs, concepts and ideas to choose from.  You can choose from either photo gift portrait with 3d photo, key ring, and tampered picture frames, etc.  There are endless possibilities of what you can create with your favorite snapshots.

A basic white mug can be transformed into a work of art with the photographs of your loved ones.  A perfect gift to a special someone is a canvas that can be reproduced to a more dramatic images.  The photograph is printed on a canvas which appears like an oil painting done by a professional artist.  

A photo gift is a perfect for valentine day present. Have your snapshot on your first date printed on a canvass or just a mug or a t-shirt.  Your boyfriend will definitely be speechless.  Parents, in-laws especially grandparents will be delighted to receive a photo gifts of their children and grandchildren.  For father’s day, you can surprise your dad by giving him a personalized photo gift on a mouse pad or a personalized key ring.
Personalized photo gift is a good way in keeping your precious moments.  Pictures from special and memorable occasions, from your favorite holiday and out of town adventure are perfect to use for photo gift.  Your child’s first step, first birthday,  sweet sixteen and a lot more  special memories that can now be preserved and continue to share to special people in your lives.

Photo gifts are also used as greeting cards, especially during the Christmas Season.  You can send them out to friends and relatives overseas.  A perfect way to keep in touch with them and the same time sharing special moments with them through your photographs.

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